Putter Pong

New and fun!

Putter Pong

Our latest game! Just launched October 2017. Now available for bookings.


  1. To determine who goes first, each player will putt once. Repeat until only one of the players makes their shot. That player takes the first turn.
  2. If Player 1 makes their shot, they shoot again. If Player 1 misses, the game changes to Player 2’s turn.
  3. Continue until one of the players has made all 6 holes. The first player to make all six holes is the winner.


If a player makes the same hole twice, they can choose two other holes that count as being made.

If a player chips the ball over the ramp and makes a hole, the hole made will count as well as another hole of the player’s choosing.

The first player that makes all six holes is the winner.

The losing player gets a chance at redemption. For redemption, the losing player shoots until their shot is missed.

If all of the remaining holes are made, the game continues but with only the bottom three holes.

Continue until one of the players does not complete redemption.